Name changes effective Sept.09

This is a notice that this blog, “Accounts of the “Lutenist” from Beaver Creek @UofT “, will be renamed to exclude the last clause, to simply “Accounts of the “Lutenist” from Beaver Creek”. Accordingly, this site will be solely the site for Toronto Guqin Association, which focuses on guqin world news and Hanfu correspondance.

On this note, the University of Toronto Chinese Cultural Aesthetics Society (UTCCAS) will not be renewing its status as a recognized student organization on the St.George campus beginning in the 2009-2010 school year, and SA/UTSU recognition will officially expire on September 31.

For those who have supported us since the days of the UofT Guqin Association (UTQA) in 2005, a big thank you (!) and I would hope to see your continued support and participation as we step out of campus to embrace the Toronto community at large, with TorGuqin.

– Juni Yeung, the Lutenist of Beaver Creek

No guqin gathering in February!

Duanqiao Chanxue

Hangzhou's 8 views: Duanqiao Chanxue

In light of the frequent gatherings (almost once every half-month instead of one), as well the instability of the weather and upcoming school schedule, there will be no guqin gathering until the beginning of March!

For those who are interested in listening to guqin music more around Toronto, please be sure to check out UTChinese Magazine’s New Year Concert on Saturday, Feb.7﹐ 2009! It will be held in the MacLeod Auditorium of the Medical Sciences Building, and doors open at 7PM! Tickets are $10 for regular and $20 for VIP seats, available from the UTChinese Booth in Robarts Library, 2nd Floor.

However, we are planning a different event – if you are interested in matching Chinese couplets (對聯), we are running an impromptu challenge – all who are interested in joining this challenge (one person gives the top couplet, you respond to it, and write a new one) can email me to join in. The address can be found under the Guqin section.

On a personal note, I was recently hit with the Norfolk virus and I had great pains lasting through it, even on four types of medication. Please mind your personal hygiene and cleanliness at all times!

Going overseas

Even flying the Arctic route, it's a long way to HK!

I will be taking a brief hiatus of a week from school to attend my sister’s wedding in Hong Kong. Although there will be much relative-visiting, dinners, and shopping, one of the advantages to be away from homework (aside from midterm assignments) is more time to think and write on this blog.

My draft of “Rethinking the Hanfu Movement” for October has already been sitting for a few days, I am still building it up in size. Even so, it may require to be split into two parts (One for more thoughts, one for replying to various questions that has already been proposed). I hope everyone who read my articles leave comments or constructive criticism after, hopefully creating discussion through the replies.

As well, I will be organizing a Hanfu group ordering and Hanfu-making workshop (2 separate things) for all UTCCAS members during this time. Please help out the cause by getting your own set of Hanfu today!

UTCCAS 2008-09 First Meeting!

UC Quad is where we meet!

On this Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008, we meet at UC Quad!

 UTCCAS will be having its first meeting this Sunday, from 4 to 6PM! Come to listen some guqin music, get to learn more about each other with icebreaker games, and introduction to our cause for Hanfu restoration! We will also be discussing and organizing signups for the Hanfu order and/or workshops on this meeting, so be sure to come!

We will be walking to Chinatown for group dinner afterwards.

Please don’t forget the $5 membership fee!

UofT Clubs Day ’08: Review

UTCCAS Booth @ Clubs Day, 2008.
UTCCAS Booth @ Clubs Day, 2008.

The Clubs Day exhibition for UofT St. George Campus is now officially over. As we finish up Frosh week, we also begin school activities and studies. Before we get on with information about our next gathering, let’s go back and take a look at what happened on Friday.


UofT Clubs Day Sept.5

Once again, that time of year has arrived.

That was quite a while ago.

That was quite a while ago.

For the fourth year, I will be organizing a booth for the spreading of Chinese culture and info on Hanfu during the UTSU Clubs Day on Friday, Sept.5, 2008, in front of UC, from 11AM to 2PM.

If you are looking at this site as a result of checking the address on the pamphlet, read more.



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