Dignity of the clothes: Top-notch packaging for top-notch couture

427504c1g6a4570f70bad&690Blog Author’s note: After seeing the news on Hanminzu.com, I couldn’t help but repost it here, to show the potential of what Hanfu could be, given the proper respect and dignity it deserves as the formal dress of a nationality. Be warned that this post is image-heavy and may stress your Internet line.
If that is no matter, then be warned that your discrimination for Hanfu quality may forever be changed by viewing this post, or an urge to splurge RMB4200 for a set of clothes (about CDN$650) like so. Discretion is advised. More

Name changes effective Sept.09

This is a notice that this blog, “Accounts of the “Lutenist” from Beaver Creek @UofT “, will be renamed to exclude the last clause, to simply “Accounts of the “Lutenist” from Beaver Creek”. Accordingly, this site will be solely the site for Toronto Guqin Association, which focuses on guqin world news and Hanfu correspondance.

On this note, the University of Toronto Chinese Cultural Aesthetics Society (UTCCAS) will not be renewing its status as a recognized student organization on the St.George campus beginning in the 2009-2010 school year, and SA/UTSU recognition will officially expire on September 31.

For those who have supported us since the days of the UofT Guqin Association (UTQA) in 2005, a big thank you (!) and I would hope to see your continued support and participation as we step out of campus to embrace the Toronto community at large, with TorGuqin.

– Juni Yeung, the Lutenist of Beaver Creek


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