More Guqin=/=Guzheng from China

Another instance of Chinese students more correct and knowledgeable than their teachers.

For those interested in the original please see Baidu Guqin Tieba located

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Our wits may be running dry…

Shen Xinhai (1855-1941). "停琴仕女圖" (Portrait of a Servant-lady Pausing from Qin-playing). Created in 1898.

 When this site was first founded, our basic mandate was to prove that “Guqin =/= Guzheng”, and we’ve made an (de)motivational poster gag about it. For that, TorGuqin would like to thank the Facebook International Qin Society for their collective effort on pitching in witty and snarky comments on the behaviour.

Courtesy of Mr. Muka Fushimi of Kamakura Qin Society, here we have yet another specimen ripe for such a play. However, we haven’t come up with a line that delivers enough punch. We want you to think up of a line to show your love of this totally boring transcendent tradition and pack a punch at it!

Here’s what we have so far:

Shuengit Chow: ‎:) what most “forced to play the qin” students are like most of the time, very honest painting.
title of painting: “I love guqin”. 🙂 [TL: Yes…zzzzzZZZZZZzzzz]
John Thompson: She really wants to play but her little sister is snoring too loudly. << [TL: I’m sure that’s a boy there…]
Juni L Yeung  “An Ox’s Mind – The censer does nothing!”

So, give your wits a little sharpening, and scribble your ideas in reply below!

How people deal with ignorance in the Hanfu Movement


Original title: “真正的漢服囧事” (The seriously “jiong” events for Hanfu) – Selected anecdotes from Hanfu promoters’ lives 

Translator’s comment: Over the many years we have been promoting traditional Han Chinese culture (and later on clothing), the rift of “antiquity” and “modernity” instilled in most Chinese minds have undoubtedly caused much friction between people. In good nature, humour has been added and this “spice of life” has brightened our daily lives much. There are many personal tales brought up in this thread, and many more lie outside. Only selections have been chosen in translation here, but they give a good idea to the difficulties of many people who wish to show their fellow (Han) Chinese people their own culture – whom many do not recognize.



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