List of “Approved” Hanfu Makers

Hanshang Hualian's storefront in a downtown mall in Guangzhou.

As one searches on Baidu or Taobao with the word “hanfu”, it is easy to see that often results come mixed with poor-quality specimens, or even Qipao and Magua instead. It is also common to see many phony stores and online retailers using the images of other retailers and sending out poorly made “pirated” simulacra. In turn, this also extends to the English online retailers, with choice for quality Hanfu ending up quite limited.

In response to the difficulty of finding where to buy, Baidu Hanfu Bar (and its commercial branch dedicated for shops to list their goods, the Baidu Hanfu-Shangjia Bar) have compiled a list of “approved” makers, directing newcomers to purchase from these stores, or at least use their products as a standard guideline to benchmark authenticity and quality.

This practice of listing “approved” makers can be traced back to Hanwang ( in 2006, when the call for quality shops began to make itself apparent. A charter of business conduct was devised the following year, which has these seven requirements:

  1. 我们商家当坚持以民族利益为重 (Our businesses shall insist on prioritizing the welfare of our ethnicity)
    This means that as the business recognizes the mandates of Hanism and should promote Chinese tradition from the perspective of a Han culture – as a concrete example, Mongol and Manchu culture (esp. during Yuan/Qing period) should be kept separate and distinct identities.
  2. 我们商家坚决不经营旗装,马褂,伪唐装和一切具有满清历史特色和当代满族特色的服装 (Our businesses will definitely not operate in the sales of Qipao, Magua, fake-Tangzhuang and all other fashion containing Qing or contemporary Manchu traits)
    As an extension from mandate number 1, this is to ensure Hanfu retailers are promoting Hanfu as exclusively the traditional dress of the Han Chinese.
  3. 我们商家的产品,要在正确汉服形制的基础上进行设计 (Our businesses’ products will be designed based on correct Hanfu shapes and standards)
    This mandate was added in response to the ubiquitous existance of “fantasy” costumes based on traditional dress or otherwise take ad hoc measures which detract from its authenticity. Quote: “regardless whether formal or casual dress, they must be designed with the basic elements of Hanfu design. Perhaps some makers will think it’s cool to add their own innovative flair, but if it strays from the basic requirements of Hanfu, that would no longer be Hanfu.”
  4. 我们的商家,要有一定的宣传责任 (Our businesses will have a certain responsibility to promote)
    Marketing Hanfu the object will undoubtedly raise questions as to why people should/will wear the clothes, and the businesses have similar responsibilities as other proponents of Hanfu to educate their customers with proper background knowledge regarding the subject.
  5. 我们的商家,经营上要力争专业 (Our businesses will strive to operate professionally)
    This is essentially a mandate for guaranteeing product quality, and ensuring customer satisfaction. The mandate also calls for businesses to be honest and ethical in their practices.
  6. 我们的商家,要相互扶持,而不是相互倾轧 (Our businesses will help each other, and not denigrate each other)
    Furthering upon ethical business practices (and based on past experiences with customer/business interaction), competition among businesses should strive to help mutually grow this market, rather than defaming a competitor for the sake of personal profit.
  7. 华夏信仰和华夏原生态文明,希望我们的商家掌握一二 (We hope that our businesses understand a thing or two about the Huaxia sense of faith and the original image of Huaxia civilization)
    Quote: “The first mandate ensures our basis of thought and belief on Hanism, while this last mandate ensures our belief and culture…we hope that our business owners will not only spend all their energy in the business world, but also spend time to enrich themselves with understanding or grasping the original Huaxia civilization [in Confucianism/Daoism/Legalism/Mohism etc.]

While there is no charter or similar statement on Baidu, the requirements of approval are roughly the same.

As of 2011, the list as provided on Hanwang is different from the list from Baidu (although many reputed businesses can be found on both), with the main distinctions of the list being Hanwang as primarily a physical business location registry, while the Baidu list focuses on the location of storefronts, online or physical. For those who are searching for online catalogues of Hanfu shops to buy from, the latter list is undoubtedly more useful.

Here is the list for the clothing ateliers. For a list of accessories makers, please scroll down past this list.

List of Approved Hanfu ateliers:


  • Chonghui Hantang (重回汉唐), Chengdu, Sichuan Prov. (Actual shop)
    Note: The first brick-and-mortar authentic Hanfu shop in China.
    Address: Jinma Xiang, Wenshu Fang Street, Chengdu, Sichuan Prov.
  • Tongguan Hanfu Atelier (瞳莞汉服工作室), Meishan District, Chengdu, Sichuan Prov.
    Note: Shapes are relatively more authentic and well-researched.
    Address: Unit 2-1, Shui’an Yaju Ward, 1 Yangzishan Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan.
  • Xianni Xiaozhu (衔泥小筑),Mianyang, Sichuan Prov.
    Note: No actual location. Relatively good handiwork, more choices for men’s designs, and not bad “modernized” styles too.
  • Canye (read Tsanye) Ge Hanfu Atelier (残夜阁汉服工作室), Wuhan, Hubei.
    Note: Most items listed on Taobao are out of stock. It is best to ask the owner in person what fabrics are available. Most prices will be near or above 1000 RMB, but the handiwork is fine and shapes are authentic. (


  • Rumeng Nishan (如梦霓裳), Beijing.
    Note: Does not have any brick-and-mortar locations.
  • Yayun Huazhang (雅韵华章), Beijing.
    Note: Primarily deals in real silk material clothing. Also features in supplying high-toed shoes worn with long skirts, as well as guqins.
  • (NEW!) Xianming Yijian (鮮明一間), Beijing
    Note: NEW shop (Feb 2012), specializes in men’s robes (Daopao, Tieli, Yesa)
  • Cunxiang Caoshe Hanfu Atelier (《寸香草舍》汉服工作室), Beijing.
    Notes: Relatively low pricing, also features modified “Han elements fashion”.
  • Shiyangjin Hanfu Atelier (十样锦汉服工作室), Shenyang, Liaoning Prov.
    Notes: Sales by individual commissions, takes custom fabric orders from the Northeastern provinces.
  • Mingyue Chu (明月初), Zuzhuang, Shandong Prov.
    Notes: Simple designs, accepts custom orders from customers’ fabric. Focuses on lower-priced range.
  • Zhaoci Guan (朝辞馆), Tanfang, Shandong Prov.
    Notes: Unique design tastes suited for young ladies, fairly priced. Also does Japanese Yukata and Western dresses.

Guangdong/Guangxi/Hong Kong/Macau

  • Minghua Tang (明华堂), Hong Kong.
    Note: Dedicated to Ming-era Hanfu research and restoration, meticulous in material selection, handiwork and research. This is reflected in their higher pricing.
    (Blog:, has no storefront, direct email/messenger contact necessary)
  • Shuang Yu’ou (双玉瓯), Guangzhou, Guangdong Prov.
    Note: Brick-and-mortar shop (first in Guangzhou). Higher-end pricing. Has a sub-brand called Qingni (青霓) targeted towards a younger market at a lower price, located
    Address: 101 Back, 126 Tianhe Nan Yi Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. (See shop directions)
  • Qianyun Guan (纤云馆), Guangzhou, Guandong Prov.
    Note: No physical location.
  • Hanshang Hualian (汉尚华莲), Guangzhou, Guangdong Prov.
    Notes: Brick-and-mortar shop. Has agent selling in Hong Kong.
    Address: Shop 217, Guangming Mall, Beijing Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Prov.
    (Across from KFC)
  • Cai Huashang (采華裳). Hong Kong.
    Notes: Sandy Soon’s brick-and-mortar boutique and atelier in the middle of Hong Kong’s gentrified art community.
    Address: 5K128 (5/F), Apple Centre (Dragon Mall), Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. 西九龍中心5樓蘋果商場5K128舖
  • Guyue Jinren (古月今人), Shenzhen, Guangdong Prov.
    Notes: Run by Menwaihan (门外汉) – usually only makes Ming-style Aoqun. Commissioning clothes from him usually requires FIERCE reminding and coaxing for delivery (or is so said)
  • Shenzhen Yimeiwu Hanminzu Fushi (深圳衣袂舞汉民族服饰), Shenzhen, Guangdong Prov.
    Notes: Discount Hanfu store.
  • Liuru Ju (六如居), Shaoqing, Guangdong Prov.
    Notes: Mostly takes custom commissions and products are mostly made in real silk. Not many specimens displays in store.


  • Hanyin Chuantong Fushi Guan (寒音傳統服飾館, aka Hanyin Guan 寒音館), Hangzhou, Zhejiang Prov.
    Note: Brick-and-mortar shop. Relatively meticulous in its shapes and standards.
    Address: 3-2-201 Mingshi Jiayuan, 219 Wenyi Xi Lu, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Prov. (See directions)
  • Caibao’er Hanfu (彩宝儿汉服), Hangzhou, Zhejiang Prov.
    Notes: Brick and mortar shop. Prices tend to be higher due to using real silk. Pieces are often auctioned in Taobao, but also includes commissioning and ready-to-wear lines. Primary service as wedding planners.
    Address: Bldg. 14, Jiangshan Nong, Dengxin Xiang Shequ (Near Wulin Lu), Hangzhou, Zhejiang Prov.
  • Hange Nishang (汉格霓裳), Hangzhou, Zhejiang Prov.
    Notes: Well-made Han elements fashion, with many articles featuring bulk order discounts. Accepts fabric commissions.
  • Zhuli Guan (竹里馆), Hangzhou, Zhejiang Prov.
    Notes: Simple and elegant designs, plainer colours, well-priced, accepts incoming fabric commisions.
  • Qinghui Ge (清辉阁), Nanjing, Jiangsu Prov.
    Note: Separated from Yuedao Fenglai Ge. Its style is suited for young ladies with its brisk grace, or with a dash of fabulous glamour. Pays more attention to authenticity of design than its counterpart below.
  • Yuedao Fenglai Ge (月到风来阁), Nanjing, Jiangsu Prov.
    Note: Refers to the current shop after its division (see above), somewhat similar in style as above.
  • Yuzi Tongshang Hanfu Atelier (与子同裳汉服工坊), Nanjing, Jiangsu Prov.
    Note: Brick-and-Mortar shop in the historical Xici Hutong district.
    Address: Nanyi Houjie, Shitoucheng Lu, Nanjing, Jiangsu Prov. (Behind Shuimu Qinhuai and Amigo KTV)
  • Jiuzhou Yiguan (九州衣冠), Shanghai.
    Notes: Includes bulk-order priced Zhongdan (inner full-length robe). Features in ritual wear.
  • Tianyifang-Huaxia Hanfu Shop (天衣坊·华夏汉服店), Shanghai (originally from Nanjing)
    Notes: Daring style and constantly reinventing itself. Also sells tea and herbal packs.
  • Lanyexin (兰夜心), Wuxi, Jiangsu Prov.
    Notes: Well-priced and well-made. Features in hand-painted acrylics. Accepts fabric commissions.
    Han-element fashion branch–Ziye Ji (子夜集) (



  • Fuxiu Chang’an (黼秀长安), Xi’an, Shaanxi Prov.
    Note: No actual location. Reputed for its Tang-era style designs. Relatively slow in production but famed for its quality.


  • Hanfu Zhenyun Atelier (【汉服滇韵】工作室), Kunming, Yunnan Prov.
    Note: The first Hanfu society and atelier for Hanfu in Yunnan Province.
    (Baidu Bar address:
    (Also contains a division for accessories, see below)


List of Hanfu Accessories Makers, sorted by region


Guangdong/Guangxi/Hong Kong/Macau






15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Billy
    Jan 26, 2011 @ 01:44:28

    Not much in terms of Men’s Hanfu huh? ~ I wish there was more.. Know of any good sites particularly for men’s hanfu?


    • Satsuki Shizuka 五月靜
      Jan 31, 2011 @ 15:40:42

      They’re all good. I’m checking the list again and I can count on only one hand how many deal almost exclusively (80%+) women’s wear. I’d look more towards what style and quality you’re expecting for, first.

      The most recent order I made was at Tongguan Atelier, but now is not a good time to place an order — the owner of the shop is currently on leave because of her wedding! (, AMAZING outfits, simple but by-the-book ritual) If you are to order from them, I suggest at least mid to late February.

      Yuzi Tongshang and Jiuzhou Yiguan (both Shanghai/vicinity) I suppose are more famed for men’s fashion, because they pretty much lead the market for ritual formal wear. Guyue Jinren is also a good choice.

      Perhaps I should annotate these shops further, as well give a general 5-star rating on their price range…


  2. Lin
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 17:45:34

    Hi, i always wanted a han fu dress. Im chinese myself, but i live in europe. Do you also know online shops that ship worldwide? I found some on ebay, but i hoped to find some less expensive ones. Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Kitty Kanzashi (@kittykanzashi)
    Aug 13, 2011 @ 03:38:10

    Yes which one of these stores are willing to ship worldwide and also willing to communicate in English. I know some friends who would love to buy one but can’t find any details because they don’t read chinese.


    • Satsuki Shizuka 五月靜
      Aug 13, 2011 @ 12:00:41

      I’ve seen some of the aforementioned stores’ products being resold on eBay at 7 to 8 times their original price (aka RMB prices in USD/CAD…), but not sure if the product is trustworthy because most likely it’s agent work. Most stores should be willing to communicate in English if you start inquiring by email, but it is highly unlikely these stores will open an English page to cater to the Anglophone market. Picture-shopping would have to do.

      Procedure (shady, but pretty much the only way) so far:
      – Email pic of what to order, measurements (height, armspan, bust, waist; hip not really needed)
      – Await confirmation
      – Wire money by money order at nearest Bank of China branch (Western Union is too shady, but we used to do this)
      – ???
      – Profit! (XD)


  4. 天际飞虹
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 08:26:24

    If you can read Chinese, there is an easy way to buy those Hanfu online from Chinese online stores. There are web sites work as brokers to help you buy from those stores and accept international payment and ship world wide. The one I use is They charge 10% on top of (your original price + shipping cost) in RMB. Shipping cost is a standard price list according to the weight and the way you want it to be shipped. For example, I bought my daughter:
    a Hanfu dress for RMB199,
    a pair of shoes RMB25,
    other accessories RMB130
    air shipping cost RMB168 (for total weight 1045g)
    Broker site charge 10%X(199+25+130+168)+8=60.2RMB.
    It’s just above $100cnd to get the dress, shoes and all accessories for my daughter. Not bad at all. Because clothes are not very heavy, the shipping cost isn’t that much. Normally your final price will be almost twice of the original price. And you can use Paypal and other credit cards to pay. And you get to choose which online store and what product you want.
    I’ve used Panli for 5 transactions. It is quite good.


  5. 天际飞虹
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 08:28:04

    Thank you for listing all these shops. Very good information. I’ve seen some of their work, very beautiful.


  6. 後逆天
    Nov 20, 2012 @ 11:45:05

    Does anybody know if there are any affordable shops for students near Vancouver, BC, Canada? I know there is a large Chinese immigrant population here and I would be very interested in purchasing hanfu to raise awareness to Chinese culture and bring hanfu back into popularity.


  7. Rezin
    Apr 13, 2014 @ 09:22:13

    So I’ve been randomly clicking links up above, but there are almost none that have a translation in English for there shops.


    • Satsuki Shizuka 五月靜
      Apr 13, 2014 @ 12:17:40

      Now you see the problem with them dealers — and you’re clicking links for Taobao, with Chinese customers in mind. They don’t hold special English pages or anything.
      If you want them in English, you’ll have to buy through agents – and your choices are almost limited to the older, more established makers — and they tend to be NOT as good as the newer ones.


  8. Daniel
    Nov 13, 2016 @ 09:58:20

    Hello, do you know if there are hanfu stores with physical store fronts in Yunnan? My Chinese is extremely limited so while Hanfu Zhenyun Atelier or Hanfu Dianyunba seems to still be active (?) I can’t find that out.


  9. Jennifer
    Aug 09, 2019 @ 13:34:40

    Where can I get one of Hanfu in Toronto that is cheap?


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  11. Billy Britt
    May 14, 2021 @ 13:15:47

    Wish to take challenge in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. to wear only Men Hanfu, but unable to find except on eBay. Any assistance or guidance would be graciously appreciated. 1 yr 2 months Sinology starting Cantonese now. M goi.


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