Memories of a Homeland Ming Ch.2 to 4 out!

Chapters 2 and 4 out, 3 to come soon!

Although Animexis‘ site is currently down, Junsi Guxiang Ming (Memories of a Homeland Ming) Chapters 2 and 4 are now out! Go read and comment on Baidu today!

Or, download and read at your conventional online reader at a coming date, soon!

EDIT: Chapter 3 is now out also!

Animexis Scans
Author/Raw: Shu Shui (miashar)
Translation: Satsuki Shizuka
Cleaning: Teeshirts / Kanapox / nanakitade
Typesetting: Nanakitade / gunzen
QC: DragoZERO / Satsuki Shizuka

Chapter 2
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 4
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Hanfu Manhua now in English! Memories of a Homeland Ming Ch.1

Memories of a Homeland Ming 《君思故鄉明》 by Shu Shui 樹水.

I have recently joined the manga fansubs group Animexis Scans  as a Japanese/Chinese – English translator, and am happy to announce that readers will now be able to enjoy one of the plot-based graphic novel vignettes about the Hanfu movement in the English language.

Junsi Guxiang Ming / Memories of a Homeland Ming Chapter 1 is now released. Head over and read about how Niu Qingqing, a regular 14-year old girl with a close cousin who is obsessed over Hanfu, joins her cousin’s university Hanfu club one day, and encounters a mysterious boy in early 17th century attire…

Animexis Scans
Author/Raw: Shu Shui (miashar)
Translation: Satsuki Shizuka
Cleaning: Teeshirts / Kanapox
Typesetting: Nanakitade
QC: DragoZERO / Satsuki Shizuka

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2 Essays from Minghua Tang Blog

2009040102110638661786377In this post are the translations of two essays, titled:

“The Particular Nature of “National clothing” in China, and its Relations with the Han Chinese” (国服在中国的特殊表现,及其与汉族的关系), and:
“The Formation Period of Han Chinese Ethnic Clothing, and the Archaeological Barriers to Clothing in Historical Dramas” (汉族民族服饰的形成期 与 历史剧服饰的考古屏障)

Both by Zhong Yi, Founder and President of Ming Hua Tang Clothing, a subdivision of Eurasia (H.K) Ltd.

Editor’s note: As one of the leading researchers and makers of authentic Hanfu, Mr. Zhong’s take on the rise of the Hanfu movement and redefining “Chinese” culture is clear-minded, as he takes a cold, clean separation from “Han=China” which has dominated the stream of academic thought to this day. His perspective brings out the question of redefining the scope of “Chinese” studies and the cultural domain and rights of the people.


Wang Zhi: A torch-bearer on Actualizing Early Chinese capitalism 汪直﹕中國早期資本主義萌芽實踐的一名把手

*Translation to come*

而在東方﹐歷史上的海盜莫過於“倭寇”集團。雖然自從中國元代已有﹐不過最深刻的莫過於明代的歷史故事﹐尤其是戚繼光與“戚家軍”如何逐逐大破“日本仔”﹐成為後世(尤其是抗日時期) 的佳話。
不過﹐亦有學家指出﹐這些倭寇﹐雖蓋名為“倭”﹐實為大明帝國於江南沿岸的百姓﹗其中﹐更出過一個傳奇人物﹐從白手起家﹐直至到走私軍火﹐擁有和明朝和日本諸大名皆恐懼的私家艦隊﹐甚至占領日本平戶對開的島嶼自稱王﹗這個人的名字﹐就是--汪直。 More


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