UofT Clubs Day ’08: Review

UTCCAS Booth @ Clubs Day, 2008.
UTCCAS Booth @ Clubs Day, 2008.

The Clubs Day exhibition for UofT St. George Campus is now officially over. As we finish up Frosh week, we also begin school activities and studies. Before we get on with information about our next gathering, let’s go back and take a look at what happened on Friday.


There were over 40 signups today, but the effect of spreading the message of true Chinese tradition is sure to be much farther. We gave out many pamphlets that explains the culture and dissapearance of Hanfu to UofT students, to which we have received a fairly positive response.

Hanfu meets Kimono on UofT - again.

So far, I have only heard of ONE person who thought it was a Kimono, which was quickly corrected — and within the hour, I was taking this photo (left) with a JIEC (Japanese Info. Exchange Committee) member! I’m optimistic about restoring proper understanding of Chinese culture in our time. Another interesting observation is that the only one who came to our booth to debate about the legitimacy of Hanfu Restoration movement is a Mainland Chinese — I don’t particularly wonder  why (or need to, the answer is obvious) it’s only the Mainlanders who question proper Chinese tradition, as well as its “sensitivity” to the current times. However, to deliberately eliminate our past in the tempest of modern multimedia is certainly one of the perverted mentalities among our people in our time. I hope to correct that, along with many others who share this view. After all, this is the true meaning of Confucius’ study of The Mean. Let the truth be known.

Many were attracted to Go/Weiqi.

Many were attracted to Go/Weiqi.

We offered signups by paper or by laptop – to which we got about 50/50 results. Most of the signups on the laptop though, were people interested in the game of Weiqi (Go). With Michael’s enthusiasm, we are able to start what seems to be the only Weiqi club on this campus, at this moment. There definitely will be well-attended tutorials, so be sure to check it out in Hart House! More on times and locations in the next post. 

Our next event/first meeting will most likely take place on Sunday the 14th, a la Mid-Autumn Festival. Location and time has yet to be decided, depending on whether it is a time suitable for going out to eat together — what are your opinions, guys?

The setup of death - for the instrument
The setup of death – for the instrument

Something more personal: As a direct result of placing the sword on top of the display board (as a paperweight and display itself), the wind often blew the entire setup down (although it’s still much sturdier than other booths’ setup), and the guard hammered on the softwood top board, causing a significant dent on the lacquer. While the spot where it dented does not affect playing, I will have to consider in buying lacquer/deer horn powder to get that fixed, and that is one poisonous, poisonous job. According to <<Bencao Gangmu>>, I should prepare crab meat or lotus leaves in advance in case I do get poisoning or rashes. (O.o)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Charles R Tsua FXKQS
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 14:13:33

    For the lacquer, apply a tiny dot to the back of your hand and wipe off the excess. Wait for a few days to a week to see if you dvelop a reaction to it. If you don’t then all is well. If you do, wait for to disappear while the innoculation processes take hold and you should be immune more or less in but weeks.


  2. ts
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 04:57:55

    The booth setup lacks visual interest and artistry to attract eyeballs.
    A fashion show of men and women’s hanfu should be considered as a marketing tool, but details have to be of high standards to make a favorable impact. Great attention must be paid to presentation and aesthetics.


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