Hanminzu.com dead and revived, MingHua Tang established

Recently, Hanwang (hanminzu.com) was attacked and was unavailable from March 14 to 21st due to system upgrades. As a result, the appearance of Hanminzu.com from haanen.com.cn is different as of today.

Also, Minghua Tang 明華堂 has officially been registered as a business in Hong Kong! Check out their site at http://www.minghuatang.com for details. For those who are not familiar with Hanfu or Minghua Tang, it is an atelier specializing in Ming-dynasty period clothing, with chief designer Zhong Yi 鐘毅 setting out in his mission statement “No clothes will be made without full historical reference, ensuring that every piece of clothing will be authentic and comfortable to wear”.

Check it out!

Some thoughts regarding Deep-level Commercialization in Hanfu Photography

By: Youxia Nalan 游侠纳兰
Original posting on Hanminzu.com, http://www.hanminzu.com/bbs/dispbbs.asp?boardID=101&ID=245688&page=1 on Feb. 27, 2009.

The concept of “Hanfu photography” probably was developed since the beginning. At the moment, cities along Suzhou and Jiejiang have already established their own professional Hanfu photography shops or studios.
But, regretfully, as a professional photographer and amateur of Hanfu, I find that most Hanfu photos are, ultimately, falling into two modes:

1. Lin Daiyu style, and
2. Pan Jinlian style.

It’s like as if when one speak of Chinese-style photography is equivalent to some girl wearing a little dudou underwear and whoring on the streets – this is not Hanfu photography, this is a prostitute in a brothel. Or, people understand it as if one must dress up like Lin Daiyu and stand there lamenting or smiling like a fool. (Please, this is not a pirated version of A Dream of the Red Chamber. If that’s the case I’d rather watch Master Gungun’s performances)

Hanfu should not be like this, it should be a style of dress which possesses an Oriental essence.


Next Gathering: March 21st, 2009!

Hello everyone;
I hope you have all noticed that on the night of the 5th, there was a huge flash of lightning in the Toronto sky.
That day also happened to be Jingzhe – literally “Scaring the insects”, referring to thunder and lightning.
How timely.
March 20th is the Spring Equinox, and this is the time when we can really say that “Spring has arrived”.  
PLEASE respond to this email if you are attending from the lunch on, for directions and contact methods. We will walk back to HH after lunch to begin our main event.
*EDIT: Change of plans in consideration of some members’ concern about the temperature. Please see below.*
Details in a Glance:
Sat. March 21st, 2:00PM
– Lunch/tea with yaji
– Location: Alex Ryazanov’s place (location disclosed only to attendees & current TorGuqin members)
– Guqin and Guzheng performances, bringing your own music welcome!
– Discussion on maturing guqin development in the West, teaching in English
– Some notes from the First Conference on the Guqin in CUHK, Winter 2008


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