Standards of the Guqin Third Edition: In stores now!

Buy Standards of the Guqin 3rd Edition Today!

Buy Standards of the Guqin 3rd Edition Today!

After a very productive four years of use, Standards of the Guqin Second Edition has served guqin players and students worldwide as a comprehensive, modern source for entry to the Chinese seven-stringed zither. Thanks to all your constructive feedback, the Third Edition is now live for distribution! Here are some of the new features:

  • Over a dozen typos and tablature misprints have been fixed.
    • Tablature is now crisper, and Zhao Yin (List A) now has lyrics appended.
    • Repertoire E: Daming Yitong and O Canada are added.
  • 20 new pages of content, including:
    • Fingering chart overhaul, some things are compacted/merged for easier reference
    • New essays on modern aspects of playing, and how digital technology assists study and creation
    • A detailed, explicit harmonic tuning exercise, with detailed explanation on how and why it is – that means:
    • A whole new chapter on TEMPERAMENT and how it is applied to practice and performance.

Click on the cover on the right of this post, or on the small cover on the right column to buy now!

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