Some Pictures from the Evergreen Farmer’s Market Performance

A very big thank you to all those who came out in show of support last Saturday at Evergreen Brick Works, and a warm welcome and Happy New Year to all our new friends since then. We wish you a happy and safe Year of the Water Dragon, and without further ado, let us review the events of that day:

January 21, 2012 Evergreen Brick Works Performance Itinerary

 First Session: 30 mins

Yayue – Book of Songs – Lu Ming (8 mins) TQS
(Intro speech: New Year, about Hanfu – 3~4 mins) Juni Yeung
Guqin Solo – Pei Lan (7 mins) Juni Yeung
Suona – Hua Mulan (5 mins) – Gongyu Xu
Guqin + Group Song – Guanshan Yue (3 mins) Esther Zhang, TQS group

 Second Session: 30 mins

Yayue – Book of Songs – Si Mu (7 mins) TQS
(Welcome back speech: New Year, about Yayue – 3~4 mins) Juni Yeung
Guqin Solo – Longxiang Cao (7 mins) – Yanyan Zhu
Sheng Solo – Fenghuang Zhanchi (4 mins) Gongyu Xu
Dizi – Gusu Xing (5 mins) –   Frederick M.H. Yiu

Kudos to Yanyan Zhu and Bill Wilson for photography.

Happy New Year 4710!

This is an Official Announcement of the TQS.


We wish you:

In the year of Yin-shen the Yang Water Dragon, Heaven and Earth sets its place, Yin and Yang is in harmony. The stars and constellations are in order, the sun and moon shine brightly. Heat and cold reflect the seasons, rain and shine come in timely schedule. Mountains and valleys are safe and tranquil, the rivers and seas are clear and calm. Trees and foliage manifest, fish and whales are prosperous. Families are happy and clans at peace, clothing and food be abundant. Ritual and propriety take its place, and civilization enlighten us all. May human nature be honest, and not have to resort to punishment. May Huaxia return to its humane doctrine, and foreigners from the four directions be impressed. Land and country be strong, the ancestral lineage be respected and kept safe. May good fortune be everlasting, and continue like a tree into the future.

As usual, Toronto Guqin Society is involved in the production and events of Hanfu Chunwan. Be sure to go over and check out their ever more impressive lineup of shows and events on Chinese culture!

Also, we have completely uploaded the 3 pieces of the Shijing Yuepu performed series onto Youtube. You can see them by reading more below.

Thank you for your support and participation with Toronto Guqin Society, and stay in touch for further event updates. If you have any requests for when/where to hold gatherings, please also feel free to leave a reply or send an email to Juni Yeung at


Xilutang Qintong Vols. 6-8 subject of 2013 National Dapu Conference

WANG Zhi’s Xilutang Qintong, first published in Ming Jiajing Year 28 (1549). Originally 25 folios.

New Source:

Translator’s Note: Xilutang Qintong is one of the most comprehensive and ambitious project and achievement in premodern qin music publication history. Containing 170 pieces including 19 with lyrics, it is by far the largest single manuscript collection of existant qin music to date. Tianwenge Qinpu in 1876 comes in second, with 145 melodies.

What makes this book especially precious, asides from the surviving original being a handcopied version stored by Li Yunzhong of Tianjin with Folio 5 (including fingering index and L/R hand explanations) now lost, is the 75 unique or sole surviving versions of melodies not found in any other manuscript. Of the 29 modal themes in 14 different tunings, half of the tunings are unique to the melodies in this book. In summary, there is no overstatement to the musicological and historical importance of this collection, which the author has spent the majority of his life scouring the Ming landscape in search and editing for this compendium.

The contents regarding the upcoming dapu conference can be found in Qinqu Jicheng (QQJC) 2nd ed., Vol. 3, pp. 60-90. On the commonly-shared PDF file, they are on pp.72-102.

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January 2012