A Beginner’s Guide to Hanfu: The PPT Presentation

Powerpoint presentation: Hanfu, the (Real) Traditional Chinese Clothing

For prolonged periods of time, this Hanfu Facebook group has queried if there is any way to classify the “hundreds of designs” throughout Chinese fashion history into something making sense, or whether Hanfu should be “modernized”, or if some Hanfu designs could be made more “practical”…such are common questions to what Hanfu, the traditional Chinese clothing, is all about.

Behold: TorGuqin presents: A Comprehensive Powerpoint (2007) Presentation on the subject. Please feel free to download and watch this. (Unfortunately, a .ppt document is not available, as a compatable file would near to 50MB in size)

The entire show is un-audio’d, and fully automated. Clicking the mouse button skips the entire slide to the end.

Feel free to leave any extra questions here, or in the Hanfu Facebook group.

Visit TorGuqin Booth @ Small Press Book Fair on June 19!

Small Press of Toronto -- Incredible reads off the beaten track

Link: Small Press of Toronto

Toronto Guqin Society will be connecting with small publishers, musicians, and the public on June 19, 2011 @ 11AM-5PM, in Hart House (University of Toronto) with many other diverse writers and publishers in the Small Press of Toronto Spring Book Fair!

Come in to have a chat with us, listen to some music, and learn more about the activities we do, as well as peruse our publications and discography — the sale of the Standards of the Guqin (book) will be limited, so please leave a reply here to show that you may be interested, so we will stock more!

Our showpieces for sale that day will mainly consist of our two upcoming CD albums, Standards of the Guqin (Audio CD), and Long Yin -Dragon Murmurs- by Yan’an Zhu.

Facts in a list:

  1. Small Press of Toronto Spring Book Fair!
  2. Sunday, June 19, 2011, 11AM to 5PM
  3. Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, ON (room TBA, most likely one of the first floor rooms or Great Hall)
  4. Standards of the Guqin book will be on display, sales limited
  5. TorGuqin members’ CDs will be on sale!


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