A Century of Strides and Returns – 100 Years of 10.10 Xinhai Revolutions

After 100 years of struggle against foreign colonialization, foreign Imperialism, and wrestling with various Western values left and right, we once again return to the beginning – let us reflect our long run for our democratic freedom – or as Dr. Sun Yat-Sen have stated, minzu (ethnic identity), minquan (sovereignty and power by the people, for the people), and minsheng (livelihood and wellbeing of the people).

“慎終追遠﹐民德歸厚矣。” — 曾子﹐《論語 學而篇第一》
“Let us be wary of our end purpose in human existance and trace our distant ancestral roots. With this, the virtues of the greater people will return to being earnest.” — Zeng Zi, The Analects, Chapter 1 Xue Er.

Chinese Expert Relegates July 5 Xinjiang Incident to Three Types of Inequality

The Xinjiang Incident’s causes are due to Unequal Ethnic Policy, Unequal demographic Policy, and Unequal Economic Policy (Original in Chinese, posted July 8, 2009)

By: YI Fuxian, MD, PhD
Translated: Juni L. YEUNG, FXKQS 


Hanfu.info promotion

Ming-style Wedding Dress

Ming-style Wedding Dress



The above link is to the Hanfu Review | 漢服觀察 by Jensen Liu, a PhD student in the United States and excellent blogger on current Chinese issues. This blog picks up movements in China pertaining to Hanfu (positive or negative), and is an excellent tracker of the tradition in action – for the English language.

I am happy to announce that I have been recently appointed as an author for this said blog. Soon we will see more intensive reports for this beautiful tradition in the news feed. Please note that this blog is by original intent a blog for guqin information in the Toronto, ON area, but by no means will Hanfu essays here cease to exist or discontinue – theoretical arguments and essays of such nature will still be posted here.

Difficulties of Hanfu Promotion & the Overseas Advantage

Promotion in Shanghai Yokoso! Japan Fair

Promotion during Shanghai's Yokoso! Japan Fair

From 戊子年上海旅游节汉服展示活动报导(2008/9月21日)in Hanminzu.com:



在汉网上海团队之前,先有美少女战士与清 妖的COSPLAY表演(清 妖穿得非常恶心),随后,高雅庄重的”故宫”响起,大家身着各式汉服,缓缓上台,开始介绍汉服汉礼。主持人首先声明我们的团队不是COS,向观众说明了汉服才是中国人的传统服饰,而不是旗装马褂。接着讲起了汉服的起源,并且说到汉服对于日韩等周边国家服饰的影响,当主持人在台上讲到剃发易服,并且谴责这种暴行是反人类反文明的时候,横生变故,已经下台的清 妖一阵骚动,活动主办方突然拉过主持人,要求我们暂停活动。 大汉之风、秋波王等人赶过来与活动负责人交涉,一男子(负责人)声称刚才的宣讲内容牵扯到政治,并称刚接到公安要求叫停的电话。





“On September 21, the second day of events at Shanghai Travel Festival, we moved to the main venue: Jiuguang Department Store at Jing’an Temple, to give a presentation on Han culture.

In front of the Hanminzu.com Shanghai team, were a Sailor Moon and Qing-devil [sic] cosplay performance (the Qing-devils [sic] were utterly disgusting), and after that,
the elegant sounds of the song Gugong (Former Palace) flare up, and we ascend to the stage, wearing various styles of Hanfu. We began to introduce various styles of Hanfu and Han ritual,
and our host first gave a statement that the team is not cosplaying, but to explain to the audience that Hanfu is the true traditional clothing style of the Chinese people, and not Qipao (Robes of the Banner people) and Magua. Following was explanation of the origins of Hanfu, and gave mention on Hanfu’s influence to peripheral countries such as Japan and Korea. When the host explained the Queue Order, and denounced such an act as an anti-civil barbarism, an unexpected change occurred, and the Qing-devils [sic] downstage were causing a ruckus, and the venue host pulled our host over, requesting that we terminate our program immediately.
Dahanzhifeng (netname), Qiubowang (netname) and others rushed over to negotiate with the liason, who claimed that the speech just then involved sensitive political themes, and has received a telephone call from the Gong’an (Police) to pull the stops.

The conversation was as follows:
Man: Your events cannot continue.
Dahanzhifeng (DH): Why not?
Man: Your event has gotten political?
DH: How can this be political? This is common historical fact!
Man: How can this not be political, we’ve already received a call from the Police, you guys can’t go on.
DH: We said the same thing at the event in Huaihai Park yesterday, and we didn’t get any problems.
Qiubowang: And next, we will be introducing Han-style clothes’ standard forms and Han Chinese music.
Man: That’s all. Sorry, you cannot continue.

Regretfully, the events for the second day were forcefully terminated, but we did not just leave then, but continued to promote to passersby downstage on Hanfu and Han mannerisms, as well as our history, to which we have much concensus and support!

Members Present: (Translation skipped)

(Press Read more to read reflections by the event host, and comments by blog writer)



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