Save East Asian Studies @ UofT!

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Update: EASSU’s statement and website

As you may have heard from media recently, the Dean and the Strategic Planning Committee at the University of Toronto is planning on the dissolution of 6 of its departments in the School of Humanities, partially to be replaced by a single “School of Languages and Literature (SL&L)”. For over 70 years, University of Toronto has been the leading institution in Eastern Canada and North America, acting as the leading institution to integrating studies of philosophy, literature, history, and political science of East Asia with a language acquisition core. Precisely because of this holistic curriculum, it has attracted students from Asia, Europe, South America, and even students in the US to decline their sponsorships to come study here.

Furthermore, the 2 specialized East Asian libraries on campus (Cheng Yu Tong and R.C. Lee HK collection) would not go unscathed from the proposed dissolution. These two libraries are the largest Asian collections in Canada, and contribute much further than just to the people at the university itself (as it is open to public access). Toronto Guqin Society would not have been established, let alone come this far if it was not for the resources, networking, and support of the East Asian Studies department and Cheng Yu Tong East Asian Library. More

UofT Clubs Day ’08: Review

UTCCAS Booth @ Clubs Day, 2008.
UTCCAS Booth @ Clubs Day, 2008.

The Clubs Day exhibition for UofT St. George Campus is now officially over. As we finish up Frosh week, we also begin school activities and studies. Before we get on with information about our next gathering, let’s go back and take a look at what happened on Friday.


UofT Clubs Day Sept.5

Once again, that time of year has arrived.

That was quite a while ago.

That was quite a while ago.

For the fourth year, I will be organizing a booth for the spreading of Chinese culture and info on Hanfu during the UTSU Clubs Day on Friday, Sept.5, 2008, in front of UC, from 11AM to 2PM.

If you are looking at this site as a result of checking the address on the pamphlet, read more.



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