No guqin gathering in February!

Duanqiao Chanxue

Hangzhou's 8 views: Duanqiao Chanxue

In light of the frequent gatherings (almost once every half-month instead of one), as well the instability of the weather and upcoming school schedule, there will be no guqin gathering until the beginning of March!

For those who are interested in listening to guqin music more around Toronto, please be sure to check out UTChinese Magazine’s New Year Concert on Saturday, Feb.7﹐ 2009! It will be held in the MacLeod Auditorium of the Medical Sciences Building, and doors open at 7PM! Tickets are $10 for regular and $20 for VIP seats, available from the UTChinese Booth in Robarts Library, 2nd Floor.

However, we are planning a different event – if you are interested in matching Chinese couplets (對聯), we are running an impromptu challenge – all who are interested in joining this challenge (one person gives the top couplet, you respond to it, and write a new one) can email me to join in. The address can be found under the Guqin section.

On a personal note, I was recently hit with the Norfolk virus and I had great pains lasting through it, even on four types of medication. Please mind your personal hygiene and cleanliness at all times!


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