Happy New Year 4710!

This is an Official Announcement of the TQS.


We wish you:

In the year of Yin-shen the Yang Water Dragon, Heaven and Earth sets its place, Yin and Yang is in harmony. The stars and constellations are in order, the sun and moon shine brightly. Heat and cold reflect the seasons, rain and shine come in timely schedule. Mountains and valleys are safe and tranquil, the rivers and seas are clear and calm. Trees and foliage manifest, fish and whales are prosperous. Families are happy and clans at peace, clothing and food be abundant. Ritual and propriety take its place, and civilization enlighten us all. May human nature be honest, and not have to resort to punishment. May Huaxia return to its humane doctrine, and foreigners from the four directions be impressed. Land and country be strong, the ancestral lineage be respected and kept safe. May good fortune be everlasting, and continue like a tree into the future.

As usual, Toronto Guqin Society is involved in the production and events of Hanfu Chunwan. Be sure to go over and check out their ever more impressive lineup of shows and events on Chinese culture!

Also, we have completely uploaded the 3 pieces of the Shijing Yuepu performed series onto Youtube. You can see them by reading more below.

Thank you for your support and participation with Toronto Guqin Society, and stay in touch for further event updates. If you have any requests for when/where to hold gatherings, please also feel free to leave a reply or send an email to Juni Yeung at jt_revolution@hotmail.com.

Shijing Performed 詩經雅樂 Small Elegant Airs 小雅: Lu Ming 鹿鳴

Shijing Performed 詩經雅樂 Small Elegant Airs 小雅: Si Mu 四牡

 Shijing Performed 詩經雅樂 Small Elegant Airs 小雅: Huang-Huang Zhe Hua 皇皇者華


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