Toronto guqin class hiatus until 2013

To Chinese University Hong Kong!

Dear zhiyin, friends, and students at TorGuqin;


Allow me to express my gratitude for all your years of support and love for Chinese culture and the guqin. Without your enthusiasm, open ears and dedication to pick up this art, Toronto would not have become the hotbed for the revival of Chinese traditional arts as a living, youthful experience that we are now witnessing worldwide. More importantly, we would not have been as fruitful and productive to the development of guqin culture without your participation and feedback, which led to the publication of Standards of the Guqin.

It saddens me a little to think that I am leaving the city just as we are reaching new highs and pushing breakthroughs with our efforts in sharing long-lost melodies with the Toronto community, but new opportunities rise from a 1-year study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the home of many Fanchuan-school qin players and a venerable Chinese studies institution. It is my hope that by sharing insights with the masters in relevant fields, TorGuqin’s horizons will expand in profound ways for the future.

I encourage students to practice and continue to keep in touch and participate actively in music-sharing in form of yajis and gatherings. However, my personal tutorials (lessons) will not be offered from September 2012 to a projected date of May 2013. Except for Internet-based contact methods, all other contact information will be rendered defunct as of September, or next week.

This site will continue to be updated as usual in regards to TorGuqin member activity in Toronto, as well as new translations and essays. Moreover, ponderings and events on guqin and hanfu circles in Hong Kong and China will come to you from firsthand experiences, from the heart of the action.

Stay mellow.

Juni L. Yeung
Chairman, Toronto Guqin Society

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