TQS/TCO Joint Performance @ Evergreen Farmer’s Market, January 21, 2012

What are we up to?

 In celebration of the 2012/4710 Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon, the Toronto Guqin Society (TQS) has partnered up with the Toronto Chinese Orchestra (TCO) and Mr. William Ho of The ONE Gallery in Unionville, to bring you authentic traditional ritual music used in the Guanli coming-of-age ceremony. Recorded in High-Definition, this is the first time since TQS performed the piece in partnership with the Chinese Students and Scholars Associations of Ontario Universities (CSSAOU) in the 60th anniversary of the PRC in 2009.

The three stages of the coming-of-age ceremony are reflected by the three pieces of music used – consecutive pieces “Lu Ming”, “Si Mu” and “Huanghuang Zhe Hua” from the “Small Elegant Airs” section of the Book of Poetry. The score used is the Imperial Commissioned Score of the Book of Poetry, titled by Qianlong of the Qing period (in the 18th century). The score was part of a larger cultural reform at the time, and the republication of the work in the Republican era (early 20th century) did not make any amendments. Juni Yeung from TQS has spent two years in studying the system, in attempt to revert the changes from the 14-pitch scale back to the 12-pitch one, and strike a balance with contemporary instrumental and performance contexts.

 TQS and TCO will be publically performing these pieces on Saturday, January 21, 2012, from 10AM to 11:30am, at Evergreen Brick Works, 550 Bayview Ave., Toronto, ON, M4W 3X8. Music lovers, families, and curious minds are encouraged to attend and experience this rare opportunity in celebration of the year of the dragon! This celebration will take place during the weekly Farmers’ Market. For more information, see:

Toronto Guqin Society: https://torguqin.wordpress.com
Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Market: http://ebw.evergreen.ca/whats-on/farmers-market#jan21


為迎接公元2012年﹑黃帝4710壬辰龍年之際﹐多倫多古琴社以高清高質視聽錄像模式﹐與多倫多中樂團在和萬錦於人村歷史Main街區『壹藝軒』何靖恆老師再度合作 , 為全球華人送上傳統成人冠笄禮的禮樂。這是繼2009年多倫多古琴社與安省高校中國學生學者聯誼會(CSSAOU) 協辦『中國風﹐海外情』國慶60周年暨中秋晚會中『成人禮』(冠禮笈禮)表演之后﹐再度隆重推出傳統雅樂演奏節目.

冠禮笈禮三加所用之音樂為《詩經﹕小雅》的連續三首《鹿鳴》﹑《四牡》﹑《皇皇者華》。使用的樂譜為清代《乾隆欽定詩經樂譜》﹐為當時禮樂制度改革的一部份。民國年間這本《詩經樂譜》公開出版, 並無對清代版本作任何改動。多倫多古琴社社長楊雪亭耗時兩年對古代樂制潜心研究﹐並且嘗試把十四律制音樂轉換回現代十二律制﹑並且找尋現代民族樂器律制之間的平衡。

 多倫多古琴社將於2012年1月21日(周六)上午10:00時至11時30分﹐在Evergreen Brick Works國家常青自然文化社區中心(550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4W 3X8 Canada)向公眾推出中國傳統雅樂和古琴音樂演奏活動﹐歡迎愛好音樂的家庭来參與﹐齊接喜慶水龍年﹗屆時本節目將與當地每週農夫市場(Farmers’ Market)同時進行。

詳情請瀏覽以下網站﹕多倫多古琴社https://torguqin.wordpress.com, 常青會農夫市場http://ebw.evergreen.ca/whats-on/farmers-market#jan21

Below is a sneak preview of what’s to come:


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