TorGuqin visits NYQS on August 7

Yanyan Zhu of TorGuqin (front 2nd left) and Zhang Peiyou of NYQS (front 3rd left), along with friends and family on the day of the gathering.

On August 7, 2011, Yanyan Zhu (of Longyin Qin Studio and TorGuqin) and her family were warmly received by members of the New York Qin Society (NYQS) in a local gathering, where we shared music, singing, food, and calligraphy.

Despite some fretting the night before, we managed to take lots of memories in the form of pictures, audio recordings, and videos! Great thanks to Matthew Flannery for bringing the various calligraphy scrolls and works of Zeng Xi 曾熙 (1861-1930), calligraphy master and teacher of modern Chinese painting maestro Zhang Daqian 張大千, and Jeanette for the delectable refreshments for everyone to enjoy.

For Chang Peiyou’s account of the day and evening, see her accounts here.

If you have Facebook, see a video of Yanna playing Jiu Kuang here.

Also click below for more audio recordings. Kudos to Chang Peiyou for the source.

Yanna Zhu – Pingsha Luoyan 平沙落雁

Yanna Zhu – Oulu Wangji 鷗鷺忘機

Yanna Zhu – Gexi Mei Ling 鬲溪梅令

NYQS Judy Yeh and student Sam Zhang playing Guanshan Yue. More pictures on NYQS site and Facebook group.

See more about the event, or catch up with the New York group on Facebook, located here.

See Matthew’s mini-lecture on Zeng Xi’s calligraphy below:


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