TorGuqin plans 3 CD releases

Toronto Guqin Society is currently planning on the release of 3 CD albums to culminate the various styles and repertoire of the Toronto qin community, as well to supplement the Standards of the Guqin textbook’s musical scores.

The first CD albums will be featuring Juni Yeung, Chairman of the Toronto Guqin Society, with Standards of the Guqin CD confirming the following pieces:

(List A)

  • 仙翁操 Xianweng Cao 1’40” “Etude of the Transcendent Venerable One”
  • 良宵引Liangxiao Yin 2’45” “Prelude to a Fair Evening”
  • 秋風詞 Qiufeng Ce 2’00” “Ode to the Autumn Wind”
  • 招隱 Zhao Yin 3’00” “Seeking Recluse”
  • 關山月 Guanshan Yue 2’30” “Moonlight Over the Mountain Pass”
  • 流觴 Liu Shang 4’00” “Flowing Goblet”
  • (NOTE: Bolded titles denote not included in the Standards book, but from the Guqin Quji (2nd ed.), People’s Music Press.)

(List B)

  • 陽關三疊 (渭城曲) Yangguan Sandie (Weicheng Qu) 6’00” “Three Variations on the Yang Pass Theme (Wei City Song)”
  • 華胥引 Huaxu Yin 2’31”“Prelude to the Utopian Land”
  • 秋宵步月 Qiuxiao Buyue 4’00” “Strolling under the Moon in Autumn Evening”,

(List C)

  • 古風操 Gufeng Cao 4’30” “Etude in the Style of Antiquity”
  • 漁樵問答 Yuqiao Wenda 9’30” “Dialogue of the Fisherman and Woodcutter”
  • 孔子讀易 Kongzi Duyi 8’00” “Confucius Reading the Book of Changes”
  • 松下觀濤 Songxia Guantao 11”30” “Watching the Waves from Under the Pines”

All times stated above are tentative, and are subject to minor fluctuations. The pieces in this recording will be played in a no-frills manner, emphasizing on basic technique and interpretive treatment.

Stay tuned for more information on the other releases.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. opnsesame
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 21:41:20

    My plan for 3 CDs as below. Some of them have no translation yet. Hope you can help to fix them.
    (list A)
    * 良宵引Liangxiao Yin “Prelude to a Fair Evening”
    * 秋風詞 Qiufeng Ce “Ode to the Autumn Wind”
    * 普安咒
    * 万壑松风
    * 流水 Liu shui “Flowing Water”
    * 归去来辞 guiqulaici
    * 醉渔唱晚
    * 龙翔操

    (List B)

    * 陽關三疊 (渭城曲) Yangguan Sandie (Weicheng Qu) “Three Variations on the Yang Pass Theme (Wei City Song)”
    * 酒狂
    * 风雷引
    * 梅花引
    * 梧叶舞秋风
    * 鸥鹭忘机
    * 渔樵问答
    * 泣颜回
    * 忆故人
    * 潇湘水云

    (List C)

    * 平沙落雁
    * 關山月 Guanshan Yue “Moonlight Over the Mountain Pass”
    * 秋江夜泊
    * 春闺怨
    * 秋闺怨
    * 长门怨
    * 挟仙游
    * 捣衣


    • Satsuki Shizuka 五月靜
      Apr 05, 2011 @ 22:00:08

      Thanks for the ideas Yanna. 3CDs from you at one time might be a bit overwhelming, so we can work at it one bit at a time. Interesting selection, since all of your pieces are Longyinguan Qinpu (龍吟館琴譜) versions. Depending on how well we do our initial recording, we’ll see how much we can release.


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