Get ready for New Year 4709!

Toronto Guqin Society presents...Hanfu Spring Gala 2011!

February 3, 2011 is the first day of The Year in the time of Huang Di 4709, Xin (Yin-Metal) – Mou (Rabbit) on the sexagenarian cycle. In preparation to celebrate this festive occasion, Toronto Guqin Society has partnered up with The ONE Gallery and International Hanfu Spring Gala to bring you an unforgettable 2-hour feature in celebration of the coming new year and spring season!

See the link on the TorGuqin/One Gallery event here.
In our panel, we will feature:

  • An overview of events by TorGuqin and the Toronto Hanfu groups during the course of 2010
  • Guqin performance of “Seeking Seclusion” (Zhao Yin), Shenqi Mipu (1425)
  • Guqin performance of selected sections from “Wearing Orchid” (Pei Lan), with Mr. William Ho’s live demonstration of his peony painting techniques.
  • Not to mention: Many more exciting from other Hanfu societies across the world demonstrating dance, skits, and tea preparation in the other panels!

The official Spring Gala video will be streamed online by New Year’s Eve, 4709, on the official site and other mirror streams. For more information, please visit (ZH-CN).

In other updates, please also check out our new Hanfu sub-page: A list of “Approved” Hanfu Makers!

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