2010 End-of-Year Re-Gathering x3!

Gen. Zhang Zuolin says: “Winter is THE Hanfu season!”

Proverb goes, “Good things come in three.” Perhaps the last gathering on the 19th (with an AMAZING turnout of 23 people, packed into one living room!) was fated to be not enough, that we will have TWO more opportunities to get together before the Solar calendar comes to an end!

First, a deep apology for the video recording messup during the meeting – Unfortunately, we were unable to record what we needed for the Baidu Hanfu Bar New Year’s Gala event (but we caught a lot more ‘dark history’ on camera -.-‘). We will be doing two more photo shoots on separate occasions, as well as party off in the spirit of this festive season, while celebrating our cultural roots.
Occasion 1: HanfuTor Morning Dim-Sum Event
Date: Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Time & Place: Gather at Spadina TTC station at 0940h, Meet at Rol San Restaurant at 1000h.
Duration: Expected 2 hours
Event: Dim Sum, video recording (at the restaurant or at someone’s place afterwards, most likely the former)
Cost: Even split of food costs, TTC travel costs
Occasion 2: TorGuqin and The ONE Gallery Video-shoot Event
Date: Monday, December 27, 2010
Time & Place: 2PM (1400h), at The ONE Gallery in Unionville (Unit 104, 139 Main St., Unionville, ON)
Cost: Free!
Please feel free to join us!
(Please press “Read more” to see pictures from the last gathering)


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