2011 Winter TorGuqin Gathering & Call for Videos!

2011 Baidu Hanfu Bar calling for New Year's greetings submissions! Poster by Shu Shui (miashar).

In response to Baidu Hanfu Bar’s call for videos, the Toronto Guqin Society will be extending its greetings to the world in a videotaped session of our annual Winter Solstice (Dongzhi) gathering!

Here are the tentative details of the gathering:

Name: Toronto Guqin Society (TQS) Annual Winter Solstice (Dongzhi) Gathering 2010
Location: 128 Silas Hill Drive, Toronto, ON
Date: Sunday, December 19, 2010
Start Time: 1400h (2:00PM, 未時四刻)
Duration: (projected) 3 hours
Event: Tea and food, Guqin playing and listening, Hanfu fashion show, poem and storytelling, and other displays of creativity by TorGuqin members and friends!
Cost: $5

And here are the details of the Hanfu Bar video call for submissions:

Process: Call for submissions -> Fellow friends record videos -> Submit to Baidu Hanfu Bar -> Administrators selection and editing -> Broadcast on Internet/TV/Baidu ON FEBRUARY 2, 2011. Bar friends can then choose their favorite show, and prizes will be given to the most popular event.

Contents: It does not have to be Hanfu-related. Primarily for celebrating Chinese New Year and entertainment, in promotion of “Superior country of clothing and headwear, the nation of rites and rituals, descendents of the dragon celebrating the Spring Festival”. We suggest people to link Hanfu concepts, along with your best talent – be it dance, calligraphy and painting, wushu, archery, skits, comedy, Hanfu story-rap, poetry recital, ritual demonstration, or traditional music and more – things that reflect the exellence of Huaxia traditional culture.

(NOTE: Except for singing “Chonghui Hantang”, which was taken by Guang Han Hui (Guangzhou Hanfu Association) as the finale, participants are free to choose their topics)

Time: Each show should have a duration of about 4 minutes, while skits and dramas should be within 10 minutes. Be concise and dramatic. The whole show is tentatively planned at 2 hours in duration.

Personal image: Please wear makeup if you are performing, and your clothes neatly ironed. Hanfu not necessary, but recommended. Please note that when wearing Hanfu, zhongyi and outer clothes must be well-layered (a fake collar is recommended if you don’t have a zhongyi). Good matching with accessories, and hair should be well-tied up for ladies. Wearing clothes properly and neatly from top to bottom is an important aspect in displaying the virtues of our culture.

Recording: With the plan intended for televised and internet broadcast, we recommend 720p(or 1280 × 720 pix)format for recording, as this is the standard of high-definition TV. All the better if you choose 1080p(or 1920× 1080 pix)or higher resolutions. This is not difficult, as most DVs provide this resolution nowadays.

Submit to: After production, please submit videos and/or links to: hanfuba@163.com 
NOTE: Please prepare a transcript of all that is said in the video, as we are subtitling the entirety of the event.

Deadline for submissions: 2011年1月15日 (Jan 15, 2011)
Prize: 900RMB for first place winner, 600RMB (2x) for second places, 500RMB (2x) for third runners, 400RMB (3x) for fourth runner-ups.


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