‘Standards’ Book Launch: Sept.30 @ Musideum!

From Musideum Newsletter, Sept. 2010: 

Juni L. Yeung will launch her new book, Standards of the Guqin, at Musideum on September 30, with a performance on Guqin and a reading of excerpts from her new book. 

 Date/time: Sept 30 (Thurs), 7PM.
NEW: The Facebook Page outlining the information

Admission $20.
Admission with Book $58. 
Books purchased in advance for this event will be autographed by the author.
>>>Please call 416 599 7323 to order a book in advance and make a reservation for the event. <<<

Details (Press read more):

Juni Lefeuille Yeung, chairman of the Toronto Guqin Society (formerly U of T Guqin Association.) has been deeply immersed in the arts of Guqin. Guqin, the ancient Chinese lute with seven strings, favoured for a sonic meditation or poetic aesthetic expression by Mandarin philosophers, and spiritual practitioners, is now carried forward. 

 Yeung’s musical experience originated with the piano, and woodwinds, but she had a fascination for learning the Guqin from a young age. With determination Juni navigated the Guqin without a teacher, and her entrance in the 2005 Kiwanis Music Festival, in the Non-Western Plucked Strings Open category, resulted in a Gold medal. Juni has performed locally and worldwide, including a solo at Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche 2007, within a China Town installation by choreographer Yvonne Ng.


 Now a teacher of Guqin, Juni has recently published the results of her research into Ming Dynasty manuscripts for musical notation. Standards of the Guqin is the first original textbook in English for the Chinese seven-stringed zither, traditionally favoured by scholars and clergy past and present. This book provides a holistic curriculum for students without prior knowledge of the Chinese language or culture, covering history, construction, technique, and critique of the musical tradition. 

 ‘…this book also encourages the student to play critically, being unbounded by Chinese Schools, or traditional sects, one is open to interpreting classical texts and scores, with a different perspective.’







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  1. Nanakitade
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 03:13:38

    don’t know what happen to animexis
    can’t connect on the forums do you know what is


    • Satsuki Shizuka 五月靜
      Sep 25, 2010 @ 10:23:42

      Kanapox indicated that the English site and server is receiving much more attention than anticipated, and is moving to a new server – the site moved, but he is having problems moving forum software. It’ll be off until he manages. At the meantime, I’ve released Junsi Guxiang Ming Ch.2 and 4 on Baidu.


  2. Nanakitade
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 18:50:27

    oh i see
    don’t have time to visit the forums
    so i didn’t saw the notification kana wrote
    (too busy on TS-ing)

    tnx for the info. ^^


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