Happy Year of the Yang Tiger 4708!

Hello members and fans of TorGuqin;
Greetings and great wishes for prosperity and creativity to you, on this year of the Yang Tiger (庚寅)! This year is a very unique year, as various seasonal signs show that spring has come early (before the year itself), and love is already in the air in the West! No matter where you are in the world now, we would like to wish you a safe and steady year, and skill improvement to our fellow qin players.
Please don’t forget that news and updates are available our website (https://torguqin.wordpress.com), and you can get them as soon as it is published by clicking on “Subscribe to Feed” or clicking the “Feed” butting on your internet browser.
 In the coming year, TorGuqin will focus on two major directions:
  • The “Standards of the Guqin” textbook and its repertoire – final revision of text parts and List A/B repertoires, and finalizing work for the larger pieces in List C/D
    • Our next (Spring) gathering will be set tentatively in the end of February or mid-March. Please reply to this email regarding your availabilities.
  • Further promoting the Chinese cultural image through hands-on interactive sessions, learning the Guqin and Hanfu (Han Chinese Trad. Ethnic Clothing) DIY-making sessions.
    • We are planning for our first make-your-Hanfu DIY session during the upcoming March Break (Week of March 15). Please reply to this email if you are interested for RSVP.

 Once again, 虎年生威﹐萬事如意 (Dignity to you in the year of the Tiger, may all things go your way), and hope to see you soon!

Happy new year 4708 from Torguqin!


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