A Hanfu short comic (APH Hetalia Doujinshi)

d4d76c26048d942f908f9d2bPardon my recent lack of posting. The pressure from the September event has still not yet fully subsided. However, expect me to start writing again soon. At the meanwhile, there are MANY new quality essays being released by pioneering minds on redefining our understanding of Hanfu, so please stick around for translations!

At the meanwhile, here is a doujinshi (fan-made comic based on an existing comic franchise) of APH’s Hetalia  by a Chinese artist Huamengluo (also known as “miashar” on Baidu).

Titled “to耀君——最特别的礼物” (To Yao-kun — A Most Special Present), it is a 11-page short on Wang Yao (the Hetalia character representing China) receiving a package with a set of Hanfu inside, which brings back a whole series of (unpleasant) memories. However, at the bottom of each Pandora’s box, always lies hope.


Character design from miashar's 《君思故乡明》

Character design from miashar's 《君思故乡明》

The author has also expressed to create an original comic featuring the Hanfu movement. Character designs are already underway, and we hope to see its premiere in the short future.


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  1. Kecen Zhou
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 19:14:39

    I bought Hai Zhi Bi An, the doujinshi that was the expansion on that story, and had it translated. It’s a sad story…

    I could tell that the artist and her team were knowledgeable about hanfu.


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