Winter Solstice Gathering 08 – Review

Despite the heavy winds and the THREE snowstorm warnings, 10 of us were able to converge and celebrate the going of a year and from here on, our daylight hours begin to increase again!

The event began at 2:30PM, with an attendence of 10. After tuning and brief introductions (as well putting away the goods for the dinner!), we began a series of performances and talks.


Regan reads a book on Chinese tripod inscriptions while listening.

Alex on the instrument.


Below is a list of performers and pieces played:

Juni Yeung 楊燕梵:
– Etude to the Style of Antiquity 古風操
– Watching Waves from Under the Pines 松下觀濤

Alex Ryazanov:
– Seeking Seclusion 招隱
– Inscription to a Simple Study Room 陋室銘
– Selecting Reality 採真遊

Yanna Zhu 朱紫陽:
– Incantation of Pu’an Monestary 普庵咒
– Clasp Immortality, Roaming 挾仙遊


Never mind poses. Its time to eat!

Never mind poses. It's time to eat!



For dinner, a stoveside hotpot was served. For 10 people, we had a veggie-mixed rice with Chinese olive preserves, various thin-sliced beef, nappa cabbages, fish sausages, and plenty of dumplings to go around after that!And to add to all that, Regan brought some delightfully marinated chicken hearts – a delight. Thanks to all who made this dinner fantastic!


Learning enough to play Xianweng Cao in two hours? Thats ability.

A flash course on the guqin: Learning enough to play Xianweng Cao in two hours? That's ability.

Y.S. Zhou 周日昇:
– Geese Landing on Flat Sands 平沙落雁
– Twin Cranes Listening to the Stream 雙鶴聽泉

Alex Ryazanov:
– Twin Cranes LIstening to the Stream
Steve Shi:
– The Transcendent Venerable One 仙翁操 (Learned directly during Yaji)
(Other students in this activity include Regan-Heng Zhang and John Yu)
Group photo of the attendees.

Group photo of the attendees.


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