Standards of the Guqin: A TorGuqin project

University of Toronto Guqin Association (UTQA) - The first name of TorGuqin, est.2005.

University of Toronto Guqin Association (UTQA) - The first name of TorGuqin, est.2005.

Back in the autumn of 2005 to 2006, new guqin associations sprang up in North America and Europe like new bamboo shoots after a spring rain. At the same time, Internet activity for all kinds of Chinese art were boiling with activity in China, but since they were all in Chinese, many interested in the culture were left out in this new wave of movements with outdated Sinological sources in English.

Such is still the case today for the guqin, even though John Thompson and Jim Binkley have made most of their painstaking translation and research open for the public to refer to. My student Alex has noted on several occasions people are asking him where and how to learn guqin, or to find sources on the subject. While pointing to the two scholars aforementioned, there is still something missing from it all, and it’s still not open-sourced.

I am a supporter of the Creative Commons license, and the English guqin textbook project I named “Standards of the Guqin” began in 2006, with the intention of providing an open-sourced resource to ensure that in our age of digital information, all who wish to obtain this knowledge, can.

In the short future, I hope to be able to record not just the new research results put forward by TorGuqin and the net-based Xi Kang Qin Society, but create a full set of materials for the instruction of this marvellous Chinese art, demystified and in native English, online. Please look forward to it.

Meanwhile, you can download Standards of the Guqin (2008/09 ver., incomplete) here.

Creative Commons License
Standards of the Guqin by Juni Lefeuille Yeung, FXKQS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.


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