CPAC Chinese Summer Festival

This is posted just one hour before the actual event. I will be going to Adventure Valley (Steeles/Leslie) to promote traditional Chinese culture and clothing. Of significant note is a coming-of-age ceremony for Danny Xian, symbolizing recognition by the community as an adult.

Congrats, Yiheng 毅恆君!

Asides from the air filled with the fumes charcoal and the scent of Xinjiang shish kebabs and fried stinky tofu (…), the grounds were bustling with activity and excited kids. Inside the main building, CPAC has set up their Weiqi and chess club there for all up to a challenge.

At about 3PM, we headed up the stage from the blazing heat (excluding us watching), and the ceremony began, taking the time in between each add (while Danny changes her clothes) to explain why the ceremony was lost in China (although somewhat lacking in convincing power, as it often was cut short). While the ceremony was swiftly done (in traditional terms of time), I wonder how many of these ceremonies are to follow among the Chinese here?

Among the crowds, are us OTHER hanfu enthusiasts!

Among the crowds, are us OTHER hanfu enthusiasts!

Shortly after the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, I thought for once, “Now, no Chinese should ever be able to mess up the definition of true Chinese culture and image!” but it appears that I was still much mistaken. How naive of me.

Even during the day, many Chinese people asked if we were Korean. If I was not mistaken, a Korean actually came up to me and asked if “my hair was funny”. I will treat that as either that they don’t know their own historical image as well as ours (since it was ALMOST synonymous back in the 14th to 16th Centuries), or that it’s a challenge to Han Chinese and their propriety over to their own culture.

Not to mention that a few kids passed me by, talking to each other in English about me: “You want to talk to her?” “No, do you speak Japanese?”
For a moment, my impulsive response to that was, “Zannen nagara, watashi wa Cyuugokujin dearu.” (Sorry to fail your expectations, but I’m Chinese. ^^). However, one must remember that the understanding and “common sense” of children are built up from their parents’ world view. If we do not repair it at this generation and now, it will be indeed most dangerous to the historical truth.

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